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We publish long-form scholarly projects built partially or wholly in online format: electric objects that cannot be printed.

Hyperrhiz Electric follows the long-held rhizomatic ethic of our partner journals Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures. We value the strange, the partial, the particular and the experimental: scholarship that might be held to exist outside the increasingly regularizing archival and metrics-driven tendencies of the academy.

As Roland Barthes declares, "What love lays bare in me is energy." Hyperrhiz Electric seeks to embody electric scholarship: that is, scholarship that excites a passion for overlooked and orphaned ideas and source material: bringing it alive and imbuing it with love. Care/curae as a life-affirming practice.


Helen J Burgess . North Carolina State University
Craig Saper. University of Maryland Baltimore County

Associate Editors

Ellen E Berry . Bowling Green State University
Carol Siegel . Washington State University Vancouver
Jason Nelson . Griffith University
Darren Tofts . Swinburne . Editor at Large
Davin Heckman . Winona State University
Jen Boyle . Coastal Carolina University
Dene Grigar . Washington State University Vancouver
Eileen A. Joy . Director, Punctum Books
Darby Orcutt . North Carolina State University
Jody Shipka . University of Maryland Baltimore County
David Rieder . North Carolina State University